Drop Me a Line Costume Shop stocks a wide variety of wigs for theatrical and personal use.wigs-beards-moustaches

DON’T BE FOOLED… Drop Me A Line Costume Shop has high quality synthetic wigs and inexpensive Halloween wigs, as well as a wide range of what is considered to be “real” wigs.

Drop Me A Line Costume Shop can meet ALL your
wig needs.

With 100’s of wigs to choose from, you will be able to find a wig that is perfect for you, whether it is for a theatrical production or just for playing around.

Create the perfect costume by “topping” it off with a wig.



Drop Me A Line Costume Shop carries a full line of theatrical and special effects makeup. From foam prosthetic pieces and sealers to kits that include everything you need to create that “special effect” look.

Wigs, beards and mustaches, eyelashes of all descriptions, prosthetic noses, ear tips, and full prosthetic pieces are just the beginning of the products that Drop Me A Line Costume Shop keeps in stock year round.

For Clowning, a play, or just playing around, Drop Me A Line Costume Shop has what you need to create a professional looking makeup job.

Featuring: Cinema Secrets, Woochie, Mehron, Ben Nye, and Kryolan


Hats, Hats, and More Hats… 049 (768x1024)
How many hats can you wear?

We have a variety of hats for all of your theatrical productions needs to comical hats for street wear.

Hats are a great addition or last minute piece to your costume to enhance your character. Create a finished look!


masks-masqueradeFrom full head latex to Mardi Gras masks we have loads of styles for your pleasure.
Just to name a few, we carry: Political masks, horror: Jason, Michael Myers, Freddie Kruger.
We also carry Venetian and feather style masks too.
Don’t be afraid to call and ask what we have in stock!



Drop Me A Line Costume Shop can design and customize and mascot character to your specifics, whether it be for your school, business or just for fun.

We have done the B104 Bee, Cementon Concrete Kid, Emaus Hornet, Allen Canary, Eyeballs for the Blind Association, Sunny 104.5 Sun, Rollie’s Ice Cream Cow, and the Central Catholic Vikings.

Santa Suits

The North Pole comes to Drop Me A Line during the month of November and December for all the needs of Santa, Mrs. Claus, and all the elves.

Rental Merchandise Retail Merchandise
Santa Suits
Mrs. Claus Dresses
Sexy Ms. Claus
Elf Suits
Dickens Characters
Polar Bear
Christmas Teddy Bears
Gingerbread Man
Toy Solider
Victorian Carolers
Santa Suits
Mrs. Claus Dresses
Sexy Ms. Claus
Elf Suits
Elf Shoes & Socks
Santa Beard & Wig Sets
Mrs. Claus Wig
Boots & Boot Covers
Santa Bellies
And Lots More!!!


20160729_122552We carry White Go-Go boots – Pimp shoes – Dorothy of Oz shoes in traditional and sexy –
Disco shoes – Hippie Sandals – Sexy Mary Jane’s – Baby Doll – Thigh High Women’s Boots –
Pirate or Ren boots – Santa boots – Witch shoes – Moccasins – Goddess Sandals –
Roman sandals – Granny boots.


Costume Accessories

accessoriesThe right accessory MAKES the costume!!!

Drop Me A Line Costume Shop carries every kind of costume accessory you can think of. For every costume, there is an accessory that puts you above the rest.

If you are thinking to yourself “If I had a _______, this costume would be perfect,” call us. With 2,000 accessories, we have just the item you are looking for.  Our friendly staff will gladly assist you in adding just the right accessory to make you complete.



Costume Sales

Drop Me A Line Costume Shop offers a huge variety of packaged costumes for sale. They offer assorted time periods, humorous, sexy, biblical, clown, star trek, prisoners, and on and on…

Competitive pricing and assistance with accessorizing your costume purchase puts Drop Me A Line at the top of the list for places to shop for your costuming needs.

Drop Me A Line Costume Shop offers both sexy and traditional costumes in standard sizes as well as plus sizes along with 1,000 of accessories.