Rental FAQ

Local Costume Rentals


The first things we will need to know is what costume and when do you need it. Please see List of Costumes Page.

You may reserve a costume up to one year in advance. To make a reservation you must pay the full rental price when making the reservation.


Prices of renting a costume vary greatly. The complexity or cost of the rental costume determines the price.

Generally, the price of a complete costume is approximately $40.00 to $50.00 for adults and $20.00 in children’s sizes. If your child is too large for a child’s size and must be fitted in an adult size they will be charged at the adult price. Adult prices start at a low of $25.00 and a high of $100.00. Adult mascot style costumes range in price from $53.00 to $75.00.

Please call for a price quote on the costume of your choice. When calling we will need to know the date that you plan to use the costume.

Length of Rental

Our local costume rentals are for up to 3 days during the week or for pick up on a Friday and return on Monday. This will allow you to pick up the costume the day before you need it and return the day after you used it. There will be no allowance if you need it for less time. Our costumes are meant for a one-time use and the extra time allotted is for your convenience.

Age Restrictions

You must be at least 18 years old to rent a costume at our local costume rentals store.. Parents may gladly rent costumes for their children. You can’t be too old to rent a costume.


You must provide us with a valid driver’s license or state I.D.


No costume is reserved until we receive payment in full for the costume rental. You may pay by credit or debit card, cash. If the costume is to be shipped rather than picked up at our store than payment must be by credit card.

Security Deposit

You will need a valid credit card for the security deposit. The credit card must be in the name of the person renting the costume.

The Legal Stuff

Our rental contract contains the following statement that you will be required to read and sign.

I, the undersigned do hereby agree to return all of the rented goods, in good condition, on the date listed in the return date box above. If items are returned late, I agree to pay an additional rental fee of one third of the rental price for each additional day. I also agree to pay for all transportation charges, and any collection and / or replacement cost, including reasonable attorney fees. Costumes will be reserved when the total rental amount is paid in full. I agree to pay a $20.00 fee per costume in the event I should cancel this rental. A cash security deposit at least equal to the rental amount is required while the costume is in your possession. This cash deposit will not be necessary if rental is paid by credit card, however I agree any late fees or lost or damaged costume fees may be charged to my credit card. Damaged costumes will be charged a minimum $10.00 fee. On the rare occasion a costume that you have rented may become lost, damaged or returned late by a previous customer we will gladly offer a replacement costume of equal or greater value or your money will be refunded. Drop Me A Line Costume Shop and its employees assume and accept no liability for any injuries or accidents while anyone is wearing any of our costumes. I understand and agree that each costume described above is intended to represent only the character specifically described named and no other character. I also understand and agree that each such costume should not be referred to or portrayed as any other character, and I represent and warrant that I will not permit any reference to or portrayal of such costume as any other character. I understand and agree that Drop Me A Line Costume Shop has no responsibility for any reference to or portrayal of any such costume as anything other than what that costume is specifically described or named above. I agree to release and defend Drop Me A Line Costume Shop from any and all claims brought by third parties for infringing their characters or design. No costumes are to be cleaned, spot cleaned or placed in a cloth dryer by the customer.